Mar. 01, 2020Latosha Laws


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This Is The talDAMARY's Site....

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Feb. 26, 2012yoad the king

whats up....what about update??? there is match to kip up!

May. 12, 2011Dimitry

cool muzik liki it so mach

Jun. 27, 2009shailly elias karni

loved your web page
l live in cancun and next time your caming l give discount for israelis to go to cocobongo

Jun. 15, 2008Damary

Hello, my name is Damary I'm from The Dominican Republic, this is a island in the caribean since I think that you are a guy I would like to know if you know the meaning of the name Damary since I had ask my mom why she named me with that name. To me it seem that you are not spanish and maybe you can help me with finding out from where is that name coming from, I will apreciated your help in this matter.



Jun. 10, 2008mel

hey tal when u comi back to Indiana?

May. 18, 2008Nico

Hi mate, I could finally check your website, which is really cool. I'm heading north now after I've turned back in Nicaragua during my trip. Carry on with your travel! And drop me a line once you're in Europe! Nico - Italian friend from El Retiro (Semuc Champey - Guate)

May. 01, 2008claudi

he sweetie

you havea really nice homepage....not bad, not bad! ;)

have a nice day...see you

Apr. 07, 2008Darling

Nice photos Tal! I see that life has begun!!!!

Dec. 23, 2007tintin

were the fack are you?!?
love you man!!!

Dec. 05, 2007yoad ayache

whts hp alll?!? I see your site become very popeoler good 4 u. any way have good time we see you son make alot of mony!!!! chek
I have some nice pic 2 byy

Nov. 13, 2007George Spears

I really enjoyed meeting you Monday 11/12/07 in the Mall yesterday, I found you very nice and a COOL guy....thank you for the demonstration, I will see you next week in the Mall,

Nov. 01, 2007Yotam Idan

Yo Julian i can't believe you've discovered this site... my mail is: talk to me mate!

Oct. 31, 2007tintin

love you man!!
miss yo

Oct. 31, 2007Julian IDAN

It's a small small world...

My name is Julian I am currently living in London. I am Yotam's Cousin. Yes, mate!!!

I discovered your website via your bro's one. I don't know how come but my Austalian flate mate knows your bro's website ... Anyway, tell Ido to keep up the good job; pictures are amazing.

And regarding Yotam I did not see him since the last 5 years. Tell him please Hi from me. How is he?


Oct. 31, 2007One Legged Pirate!

Yoooooooooooooo TAL I Fucking Miss you MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't believe that its the first time i see your gallery man... Its Huge, when will we see some pics from the US?

Oct. 19, 2007Yamit

Hey Tal, how are you? nice pics, looks like you know how to have good time :-)
I'm sure you'll have fun in the states, hope to see you there next year, keep in touch.
love Yamit

Sep. 08, 2007Juaa

How come you didn't put a picture of me you big KAKA!!!

Sep. 07, 2007roni

wow...the reason for why your running this web is very deep nice pics....

Sep. 05, 2007yoad ayache

tal, you have here some nice pic good for you !!
but you know who you need to thenk for!!
your one and the only !!!! meeeeeee!!

Aug. 25, 2007tintin

hi dud... LOVE YOU

Jul. 18, 2007Ido Damray

seems that life in israel are good... nice to see what's going on with you...

Take Care.

Sep. 08, 2006Ori

Hi Gever,

I like the pictures in the slideshow. Looks like you're having fun in Israel. I hope to come visit you guys soon. We'll have some fun. I emailed Ido asking for your address because we want to mail you some shirts. Send it to me when you get a chance - also tell me what sizes if you want any for friends / any one else.

dash to everyone,


Aug. 13, 2006Aya


It looks like you're having so much fun! I miss you so much!
Hope everything is okay in Israel, I know Eilat is quiet :)

You look great :)

love aya

Jul. 26, 2006johanna

hi, I´m from colombia and i know your page because i know to brother ido, this page is wuonderfull...Bye.

Jul. 15, 2006madelyne /colombia

la pagina esta super vacana pero faltan videos lo demas esta super la locura genial un beso ido

Jul. 06, 2006sharon

es una buena pagina pero le faltan videos

May. 26, 2005Ori

Hi Tal!

How are you? How is everything going. I like all of the pictures you have put up. Aya is wwith me in philadelphia for a little while. Dash to everyone!


Aug. 21, 2004Yarin Snapir

tal!it's yarin snapir!i got this site from your pictures! i want 2 b there 2!!!DASH from all the family! ENJOY!!

Aug. 19, 2004ido damary

hey bro nice pic......yoas look that he very yoas...say helo to alllsee u in a few monthido

Aug. 14, 2004ziv

yo Tal! Great job on the site! That was quick! Hope you are having fun over there with the family! See you soon!